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Nature Kindergarten at St. Luke's - Register Today!

My name is Miss Jordan Lakeman, and I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to bring Nature Kindergarten to St. Luke! This is my third year teaching early childhood, and second teaching Nature Kindergarten. I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves to run, snowboard, bike, golf, hike, play water sports, and enjoys campfires with family and friends. I am always open to trying new activities! I will be receiving my Practitioners certification this summer through Forest School Canada.  

I am teaching this program because the amount of time kids play outside is alarmingly low. I believe Nature is a teacher in itself, and is essential for whole child development.  My goal is to teach children how to truly play again, connect to the natural world, interact with nature and the animals that live amongst us. Playing outside helps children stay active, become stronger, enhances imagination, increases attention span, and boosts classroom performance. I truly believe having your children connect to nature beneficially extends their kindergarten experience, as well as extending their learning from half-time to full-time!

For more information on Nature Kindergarten and to register for the program, please click here!

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