Celebrating Catholic Education- Our Stories

Sharing Our Stories

Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan are blessed to have publicly funded Catholic schools. The recent public conversation surrounding Catholic education has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to highlight what makes our Catholic schools special and unique. As you may have heard Catholic education is under examination and we need to highlight and share what makes Catholic Schools special and unique. Some of us have personal stories, some have stories through their children, but we all have Good News stories to share about Catholic education.

Mrs. Aoife Cahill ~ Principal

I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity and experience to attend Catholic schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and work within them. As immigrants from Ireland it was important to my parents that our education remained connected to our faith as it had for them. As a student I enjoyed celebrating my sacraments together with my classmate and seeing them regularly celebrate Mass at our local parish. When I graduated from university I chose to only apply to Catholic school boards as it was important to me to have the opportunity for my faith to permeate my teaching. I was hired by Elk Island Catholic Schools which was cool because I began teaching at my former K-9 school with some of my junior high teachers! I feel blessed to be able to celebrate moments of our faith with members of our school community, introduce children to the beauty God shares with us, and speak freely about my faith on a daily basis. Thank you for entrusting us with your beautiful children and supporting Catholic Education. #CatholicEducation #HisMasterpiece


Mrs. M. Cuglietta Damur- Assistant Principal

The Gift of Catholic Education…


Entering the teaching profession for over a decade and a half ago- I made a conscious decision to enter the Catholic education system. It was and remains important to me to fulfill what I believe to be is my professional vocation-a calling of teaching, modelling and sharing the beauty of God’s infinite love, mercy and grace with each of the students that the Creator has placed in our care. What an amazing blessing we have as Catholic educators- we have the opportunity to share what we value most in our lives, our faith. I consider it a blessing that I am able to journey with staff, students, and their families as we all uncover how loved we each are. We pray, cry, smile, rejoice, forgive, serve and break bread with one another all because of the gift and celebration of Catholic education.


As a parent, it was important to my husband and I that we chose the Catholic education system to provide our children with a strong foundation of understanding their worth, a strong sense of gratitude for the world and people around them, and the importance of serving and caring for their neighbours. Raising children in a culture that is filled with so many voices telling them that their worth is determined by what they buy, look like or pretend to be. We wanted our children to be educated in an environment that reinforces that our children are beautifully and wonderfully created. We wanted our children to hear from their educational leaders that they do not have to hustle for their worth because it is unchanging and beyond their measure. We wanted their peers to work alongside them serving their community out of gratitude for Christ’s love. We wanted our children to experience the beauty and gift of Catholic education!