One to One in EICS

One to One in EICS

The impact that technology has had on today’s schools has been significant. Technology has completely changed how teachers teach and how students learn. Teachers are now using emerging technologies and students are using technology to shape how they learn. By embracing and integrating technology in the classroom, we are setting our students up for a successful life outside of school. 

EICS has implemented One-to-One in EICS, which means students can bring their own devices to school for educational purposes. In the classroom, students will use devices responsibly, and only with the permission and direction of the teacher or other staff members. Of course, technology alone will not improve learning — but when combined with the right instruction from skilled staff, amazing things can happen.

The increased use of technology in EICS classrooms will “power up” student success today, and for the future. Here’s why personally owned devices work best:• Students are usually experts with the device they have, and customize it to their learning needs.
• Students can use it to learn anytime, anywhere.
• Students can collaborate with their peers after school, about their school work.
• Student-owned devices are typically more up-to-date than those schools provide.
• School-owned devices are expensive and can be hard to sustain

We know that not all parents can or want to send their child/teen to school with a device. That’s why teachers continue to plan, assuming that not every student will bring a personally owned device to school. Technology will not be used every day for every lesson. There is a right time and place.

In terms of what device we recommend a Chromebook as the ideal device based on affordability, battery life, fast startup and usability. Students are welcome to use laptops, iOS and Android tablets and smartphones all accessing the EICS WiFi.

Students can bring their own device and certainly welcome that as well. A device brought for learning should meet the following requirements:
● Internet ready (preferably the Chrome browser)
● Ability to type
● Battery life of a full school day (6 hours)
● Easily labelled for identification
● 802.11ac WiFi Support

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) For One-to-One 

Why One-to-One?

EICS One-to-One (Responsible) Student Parent User Agreement.