Tobogganing at St. Luke

We are lucky at St. Luke School to have a wonderful hill for tobogganing in our backyard. Students will be learning the rules for tobogganing during their Physical Education classes. The Alberta Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity will be followed as well as some additional guidelines to ensure your child’s safety. Once your child has learned the safety guidelines and has shown that they will adhere to them, the hill will be opened for use at recess time. Students will be required to use the toboggans supplied by St. Luke. The yearly field trip consent form that you signed at the beginning of the year covers participation in this activity. Snowpants, coat, mitts and a hat are required for riders in grades K-4 and strongly suggested for all grades.

St. Luke students will demonstrate their skills and knowledge of safe tobogganing practices by:

  1. Assessing the hill condition first to ensure it is not icy and that all obstacles, including jumps are removed

  2. Keeping the runway clear of people by immediately getting out of the way after descending and moving to the designated path for ascending the hill

  3. Waiting patiently in line at the top of the hill until the runway is cleared

  4. Riding down on their own power without being pushed

  5. Riding the toboggan in a seated or kneeling position (not standing or lying down)

  6. Riding one (or two for longer toboggans) at a time unless otherwise instructed by a PE teacher

  7. Controlling the descent speed and direction with feet or hands when necessary

  8. Safely abandoning the toboggan if it veers toward an obstacle such as a tree or a person

  9. Using school toboggans during school hours and sharing them in an orderly fashion. Once a riding student arrives back at the top of the hill, he or she gives the toboggan to the next person in line.